June 16
Northwest Iowa
Well this day didn't go as planned for me.  The Pilger supercell initiation point was way out of reach but I thought
there would be a window for discrete supercells to the south of the morning convection moving out of South Dakota.  
I was right...kind of.  With temp / dew point speads of less than 5 degrees, the storms would be messy and very high
precip.  Mother Nature came through on that part of the deal at least.
Approaching the Larchwood, Iowa supercell.  Nice structure.
Base clearly comes into view.
And it dies.  The feature on the right side is nothing.  No motion whatsoever.  The VIL's dropped like a rock at this point.  
The storm was dead.
Storm hopped for a bit then decided to go after one southwest of Spencer....until I saw Steve Yezek's tennis ball sized hail
report just to my southwest as I headed south on 71.  Turned around and decided to get a little east of town and catch it as
it went by.  About that time the outflow boundary from the north caught me.  Game over.
Nothing but 50-60 mph northeast winds, small hail, and blinding rain curtains.  As I passed through Cylinder there was
a tornado warning for an embedded couplet.  Evidently it did produce a tornado about 9 miles south of my location.  
With the poor visibility I opted for and open machine shed and let the couplet pass to my southeast and east.  Made it
to Algona and headed home up 169 through Lake Iowa while being treated to a nice light show.