June 21
Walworth and Edmonds Counties
South Dakota
This was supposed to be a structure chase.  The tornado
potential was very low but the chance of a pretty supercell
were really high.  My original target was Mobridge SD and
I was looking forward to having some time to ding around
along the Missouri River before storms initiated in the
area.  Mother Nature had other plans.
Target panned out!  All the way from west of Aberdeen I would visually see an area of persistent congestus up near Mobridge!  After a
stop in Selby to top off the gas tank and pick up some food, I picked a desolate road northwest of town to relax and watch the storm form.
It's been  long time since I have had a leisurely chase and a road all to myself.  It was a perfect day.
Beaver tail / inflow band stretching off to the northeast.
Starting to become organized and develop a lowered base.
There we go.  This is what I was hoping for today:  a semi-elevated supercell  out over the beautiful South Dakota landscape.
Just by the shape you could tell it had some issues but I'll take it.
Still a pretty storm though. The farm road going west behind me at the stop sign is where I had spent the past hour.  The storm would
periodically try to spin at the lower levels but nothing really organized or persistent.
After monkeying around Java, SD with Nick Elms and Amanda Hill for a bit as the storm continued to struggle, I headed southeast
towards Bowdle where it again ramped up. This time it did have cloud base rotation but it never really wrapped up.
Great spotter training shot here.  About the time it did rotate a little, this odd looking scud lowering.  Is it a funnel?  Is it a wall cloud?  
Neither.  Just scud.  The outflow winds rapidly tore it apart.  This was just west of Bowdle.  The storm had been dropping egg sized hail
for a while now.
And it's gone.  The low whispy fingers on the right side under the base is all that remains of the weird lowering.
Further southeast near Onaka, SD
A farmer in Edmunds county works on his hay crop as he base passes overhead.
Last shot of the remains of the supercell.  Decided to drop it at this point and head back west toward some newly developing
cells near Gettysburg.
Sittin' in the middle.
Looking east back at the supercell from earlier as the anvils from the western storms come overhead.
More SD scenery
Outside of some lightning, the western storms were not visually appealing and had a lot of heavy rain so decided it was best to head north
back to a blacktop road and work my way east.
Heading east toward Conde eventually, a cell merger / collision did spawn an embedded couplet triggering a radar indicated tornado warning.  
You can kind of see part of the storm on the left side of the image.
Kinda of a cool scene looking north.
Last convective view of the day.  A ragged shelf could west of Conde, SD.  Time to head for home...
But Mother Nature had one last card to play.  Looking east from south of Groton, SD.
Ahhh, the combination of just enough sunlight poking through in the space between the horizon and the cloud deck from the storms.
A stunning end to a very fun chase day!