April 27
Northwest Missouri
With a cut off low wobbling west of Omaha, a dry slot /
dryline was pinching in on eastern Nebraska, Kansas
and western Missouri.  Unfortunately early linear
convection spoiled the day for us.  In hindsight, the
correct play would have been to play the high shear  
area immediately in front of the low despite the low
instability and modest moisture.
It's good to be back chasing with David and Kristen Drufke again.  The
last couple of years have been so slow there weren't a lot of
opportunities.   Heading south down I35 in Iowa on our way to an initial
target near Cameron., MO.
The early convection quickly went from LEWPS to a full fledged squall line tearing off to the east /northeast.  
Northwest of Gallatin, MO.
Trying to salvage a time lapse of the LEWP as it goes
rocketing off to the northeast at 50+ mph.
David trying to salvage a shot for the day.
Looking southwest.  Our day was done as fast it started.
Heading east on 36 towards Chillicothe, MO.  Whales mouth taking shape as we decided to stay with the line for a bit.
Somewhere southeast of Gallatin, MO.  Still looking for some
type of shot to make the best of the day.
With each passing minute the line was taking us further and
further from home and with zero tornado chance, it was time
to pull the plug.
In Chillicothe it was time to turn around and head back west to I35 and the disappointing drive home while watching the
cells west of Omaha go on to produce tornadoes.
A short time lapse of a segment from the day.