May 8
South Central Minnesota
A sub 1000mb low was lifting out of north eastern Nebraska
as a warm front was draped across southern Minnesota
setting the stage for what initially looked to be a big day.  
However two early rounds of elevated convection worked
over the atmosphere pretty well giving little time for recovery.
After hanging around Worthington, we headed back east to stay in the backing winds as I had low confidence in the cell coming up
from the southwest due to the  severe veering occurring just ahead of it.  We headed east for Window as a cell developed near Storm
Lake, IA which I felt would be our best shot at a tornado producer.  It was great to be chasing with
David and Kristen Drufke again.
We popped out of the precip on highway 60 near the country road 12 exit so we pulled off and set up  shop.  The storm was already
tornado warned at the time.
Frame off the GoPro.   This meso was really cranking.  I knew this thing was going to produce as you don't get that strong of rotation
with nothing happening.  Kristen Drufke looks on as we wait.
Boom!  Well, at least a pop.  One area of rotation spins up a weak tornado just to our southwest.
This thing was rapidly approaching our location.  As big as that meso was and as rapid as the rotation was, I
didn't want to hang around very long.
In addition to the main circulation passing over the trees, a small rope tornado also developed briefly.  Video frame off the Sony.
GoPro frame of the fully condensed tornado rapidly moving northeast at us.  The perspective is really messed up with the superwide
170° FOV.  This thing was a lot closer than it appears.  Time to fly!
After nudging east, a new area of rotation developed as we watched it south of 60 to the southwest of Madelia, MN.  In hindsight
should have just camped out in the notch of the known tornado producing area.  Missed the 90 second wedge north of Madelia.  
Heading east on 60 towards Lake Crystal, MN.  Area of rotation just to the north of the road.
It's a good thing I had the GoPro running as I hardly took any photos this day.  Big old soup can wrapped up on the north side of the
meso now.  That would have been cool to be up next to.
One more of the soup can with a strategically placed rail car.  Must be on the ground!  Um, no.
One real photo showing the meso totally eroded by the rear flank downdraft causing a massive clear slot.  The storm looked like junk
from this point on.  After crossing the river and catching back up with it at Kasota, MN, it was time to call it a day.  This image was
taken west of Mankato, MN north of 60.
OK I lied.  Never pass up an opportunity to shoot some frames right from the house.  The cold front sparked off some strong storms
right at dark.
The remnants of a previously tornado warned storm passes over the Twin Cities metro area to my southeast.
A little storm to the west looking down the street.  Thought the wet street would look cooler.
The final shot of the day for real this time.  Fun day to kick off the 2014 chase season in the home state.