May 31
Central Minnesota
A stationary surface boundary was laying in a NE/SW
orientation across Minnesota and provided the focus for a
few rounds of thunderstorms.  Weak shear and no upper
support suppressed the severe weather threat but the
evening line did provide a pretty decent arcus (shelf) cloud
for a bit.
South of US 12 on Wright county road 5 near Cokato, MN looking southwest.
My daughter tagged along for this one.
Arcus moving east over the top of us.  Not much for wind even as impressive as it looks.
Looking northwest over Cokato, MN.
A little to the east just outside of Waverly, MN.  As slow as it was moving getting ahead again was no problem.
4 shot stitched pano covering about 180 degrees field of view.  Same location of above.
Scary looking clouds over US 12 outside of Waverly, MN as we make one last run to get ahead of it before calling it quits.