August 24
Central Minnesota
Minnesota was due.  We have had yet another lethargic chase season within our
borders and at this point, any supercell is a good storm.  With ample instability and more
than sufficient shear ahead of a cold front, the stage was set.  Some storms went up
earlier to my south but were elevated and off the instability axis.  Another supercell did
form off to the north in Cass county which
Bob Conzemius documented but it did not
produce a tornado.  I headed northwest to St Joseph, MN and waited while a line of
towering cumulus formed.  Always a tough call around the St. Cloud area with minimal
river crossings and dealing with the traffic which side to set up on.  Finally decided to
wait on the north side of the river near Sauk Rapids as a storm to the north looked like it
was going to be dominant.  A couple of cells went up on the southeast side but were
ingested by the developing supercell just to the north.
Headed east on CR13 off highway 10.  Stopped for a bit near the intersection of CR58 to see if it was really going to organize or not.
Never know who you will run into.  It was good to see Scott again and good to know he is still chasing.  This guy has had a lot of influence
on my chasing over the years and I will always look up to him.
Really ramping up now.  This awesome wallcloud developed as the radar signature showed an obvious hook echo and mesocyclone.  Time
was 5:38pm.  Image take 1 mile north of 13 on 75th Ave NW looking northwest.
5:49pm.  1/4 mile north of MN25 on 75th Ave Ave NE still looking NW.  Brief multi vortex touchdown.  Jacob Thumberger has some nice
video of this.
Radar image from the same time as the image above.
5:55pm Intersection of CR65 and CR12 looking north.  I was shocked it didn't plant at tornado now as that occlusion around the bowl shaped
lowering was really intense.
6:03pm it finally did it.  Looking straight north from .5 mile east of CR14 on 155th St NE.
6:04 it quickly occludes.  Thankfully for the residents in this area the tornado had a very difficult time maintaining ground contact.
A little tighter shot of the tornado in progress.  It's about 2.5 miles north of me.  The 11-16 lens isn't the best choice at this distance.
Frame off the dash cam from the intersection of CR22 and CR66.  The tornado is lifting about a mile and half north of me in Morrison County.
Followed the cell east to a while yet.  I never looked tornadic from the ground once it did produce.  Called it a day the parking lot of a WMA
on the Mille Lacs / Kanabec county line 40 miles from the starting point with a bunch of friends.  Not bad day at all.
Did take a glance at a second tornado warned cell north of Milaca up by Onamia but it really looked bad.  Chatted with  Yuhas along side of
the road for a couple of minutes then really did head for home.  Don't look like a's the new in thing.  Go stealth baby!
Radar image from about the time it tornadoed.  Not as impressive as I would have thought.
Of course I got distracted on the way home.  Near Long Siding, MN on 169.
Same location as above but with the 11-16 to show it all!
One final as I zip through the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge as I near home.  A fantastic day overall.