August 31
North Central Minnesota
Another cold front with some decent moisture and shear.  Although the "good" energy
was confined to the Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas area, enough moisture was able to
work it's way into the northland.  This was not a chase target day, but more of a "hey, I'm
already here" deal since we were visiting family for the holiday weekend in Itasca
county.  I kept an eye on the cold front but didn't have much hope for anything good
since we remained overcast all day but finally by late afternoon a few cells started to pop
on the Hubbard / Cass county line.  Myself, Cullen, and my pseudo brother in law, Jeff,
headed west of Deer River to watch a cell which looked nice on radar come up at us.
US highway 2 west of Ball Club, MN near the Mississippi River bridge.  5:21pm
I wish we had been able to get a pic of this over Ball Club Lake looking west.  It really had "the look" with serrations
running from lower left to upper right.  We took CR89 up to 46.  Jeff is a rural mailman so it was like having a living
GPS riding with us!  This shot it at 5:38 at the intersection of 46 and CR164 about 2.5 miles northwest of Deer River, MN.
5:40pm same location.  Color me stupid put that sure as heck looks like an RFD cut making this base on this mini cell
look like a horseshoe!
5:42pm.  I was like "NO FREAKING WAY!".  I had to ask Cullen if I was imagining things or it that lowering was really was.
I was almost ready to call NWS-DLH but as soon as it crossed the road, it started to dissapate.
Even after the lowering dissipated, the curl in the very evident RFD cut was still very evident.  Check out the occlusion
in there. 5:44pm.
5:45pm a new lowering develops but the cell was moving into a pretty tough area to stay with it so we called off the chase
as it headed for the Soumi Hills area.
7:03 pm back at my in-laws house southeast of Grand Rapids.  As the line filled it, it brought some cool structure with
it as the narrow band passed over.  Looking southwest at the backs of the updrafts.
7:05pm looking east/northeast over the Mississippi River.
8:03pm the cool post-sunset light starts.