July 7
Central Minnesota
Back the old days, a cold front meant...   Yup,  I can remember
when a west to northwest upper flow coupled with southwest
surface flow meant some pretty storms.  We were due.   A 90
degree turning of the winds from about 5000 feet to 20,000 feet is
the same either like this or with  southwest flow aloft with southeast
lower level winds.  Bottom line is updrafts are going to spin!
The initial target was out on highway 12 near or west of Willmar, MN.  There was a definite outflow boundary from
earlier convection to the north laying between highway 7 and 12 to we set up west of Cosmos, MN.  Cu kept bubbling
up along the boundary but was having a hard time becoming surface based.  The bases were really elevated would die
off at about 35,000 feet.
My long time chase partner, David Drufke, and his wife Kristen keep watch as the waiting game continued.
Still trying.   The approaching short wave from the Dakotas was still a ways off at this time but the lift was becoming more evident.
David shoots some 4K timelapse as I get antsy and want to head west to the better lift.
Standing watch.
This was about as good as the storms would look.  They were way off
in front of the cold front but rooted somewhere around 700 mb.  The
bases would shrink and dry up. At this point we did decide to head
west to some cells rapidly developing just in front of the cold front
about 25 miles to the northwest in a better environment.
BOOM!  That is more like it!  A supercell develops a nice wall cloud right in front of us just to the north on Blomkest, MN in Kandoyohi county.
David and Kristen shoot as the supercell does it's thing.  It had a lot of  rising motion to it but not a lot of low level rotation.
The 'Nox awaits our next move as the cell moves to the east/southeast.
A little further to the east now.  Just east of Lake Lillian, MN.
Frame off the XTC from the same location as the last shot.
Video frame as we head north out of Cosmos, MN.  Road construction would have meant a detour going too far south and in the event
this storm went tornadic, we wanted to be able to keep and eye on the RFD cut.
North of Cedar Mills, MN now.  The cold front was catching up to the cell now and would soon line everything out.  The storm did produce
1" and 60 mph winds during it's life.  Not bad for a Monday afternoon backyard chase more or less.
And the obligatory rainbow shot from Montrose, MN as the storms head into the Minneapolis area to the east.
A tighter shot of the wall cloud east of Lake Lillian.
Stitched 4 shot pano of the storm right before it lined out.  Not visually appealing from here on.