June 11
Western Minnesota
With a 1006 mb low approaching from South Dakota with good
shear, the "hump" area of Minnesota looked to be a good choice
to try our luck at some severe storms or even a weak tornado.  
Well, the instability never really developed and the shear was
substantially less.  We were lucky to salvage what we did.
Hanging around north of Appleton, MN.  Weak storms to our north would spit out some CG lightning every now and then.
David and the weirdest wind screen ever.  Or is a troll which records thunder really well?
Some wind is better than no wind.  At least it was out of the south and not west.
We let the first storm go and took the second one which rapidly organized a shelf cloud but remained
below severe levels.
David getting some shots.  Frame off the GoPro.  The storm quickly fell apart as it moved to the east.
We jumped on another storm just to the south at Appleton, MN.  Although it also remained below severe levels,
it did produce a pretty shelf cloud as it passed over the town.
Arcus (shelf) could passing over the elevator in Appleton, MN.  We dumped this storm also to head west at
another set of storms near the cold front.  One of the storms did produce an EF1 tornado west of Sisseton, SD  
but we found the cells to be a foggy mess with  no structure whatsoever.  Pulled the plug and headed for home.