June 14
Northwest Iowa
A nice surface wave approaching from the west and a
good warm across far northern Iowa set the stage for
an outbreak of  highly sheared thunderstorms.  Most
has supercell characteristics and a few actually did
briefly go tornadic.  Although we never saw a tornado,
it was still a fun day.
My daughter keeps an eye on a pretty storm approaching Doon, IA in Lyon county.
Tornado warned now.  Off and on it would have a dangley wanna be funnel on it.
Ran into Steve Yezek which was cool.   Steve and I have known each other for years.  Spent the rest of the day following each
other from storm to storm which was fun.  Over the years it seemed like we were always a mile a part on a storm but not today.
Cell crosses the road and the boundary.  With the storm motions carrying the cells over the warm front instead of  along it, it was a one
and done.  Our strategy was to keep picking off new development as it came north as see what it would do when it hit the warm front.
Tighter shot of the action area with the spinning dangley things.
One more of the action area.  There was a lot of rising motion but not a whole lot of spin.
Still a lot of rise but not a whole lot of spin.  The right side had some good motion at this point so decided to stick with it a little longer.
Dumped the first cell and decided to wait on this cell to come up from the southwest.  West of Doon, IA about 4 or 5 miles.
Really broad rotation the whole time.  Dumped this storm too as it never looked like it may tornado.  Also note the rain core isn't
even close to the updraft due to the extreme shear.  I think that also didn't help the tornado chances this day.
After heading south again and watching a pair of supercells over LeMars, Iowa battle for dominance, the west cell finally took
over.  It was getting late at this point and this cell would need to cross the warm front somewhere between Orange City and
Hospers.  I figured may a well take this one since it was headed right up 60 towards Worthington, MN and home.
Close but no cigar.  Near Hospers, Iowa it tried to get it done but came up short.  This funnel made it about half way to the ground
before dissipating in just a few seconds.  Time to head for Worthington, MN for food then home.
Time lapse off the GoPro of the day and the Hospers near tornado at the end.
And video of just the funnel near Hospers, IA