April 12
Central Minnesota
This spring has been marked more so by fire danger in Minnesota than dangerous
thunderstorms.  The second cold front in 10 days which sparked thunderstorms across
central Minnesota delivering some much needed rain and thankfully no severe weather.  
With temps in the mid 70's and dewpoints in the upper 40's, I wasn't expecting much.  
However, I won't complain when Mother Nature throws me a bone in terms of something
visually appealing.
My son, Cullen, and I headed over to central Stearns county to wait for a couple of newly formed cells to work their
way up the cold front to our position.  However, a new cell formed just ahead of the front and offered some pretty
structure for a bit.
Shooting a little time lapse.
The low angle.
We flanked the cell off to the east / northeast for a bit but it never really looked appealing again so headed for home
crossing over the cold front again.  There was a good 15 degree swing from side to side on it over just a few miles.
Once the cold front arrived at home a couple of hours later, a linear updraft base within the line provided some wild
colors overhead.  The electric blues were amazing!
Looking east after the cold front passed.  This second line of storm had the thunder rumbling constantly for about 45 minutes.
Lots of cloud to cloud lightning for sure!