May 16
Central Minnesota
This day will be remembered as probably the least destructive tornado outbreak in
Minnesota for years to come.  15+ tornadoes touched down over a span of a little over 4
hours but thankfully all were weak and relatively weak doing minimal damage.  A powerful
upper low was over South Dakota and lifted a warm from across central Minnesota during
the afternoon hours generating a crazy amount of low level shear.  The mediocre storms
were able to tap into that shear and spun down tornado after tornado.
Our day started out in far western Minnesota as I felt being closer to the low would improve of chances of getting
a tornado as the cells interacted with the warm from.  This is the first storm of the day west of Bellingham, MN
looking south towards Nassau where the bowl to the left of the road did produce a brief ground circulation.  
Another chaser,
Tyler Olson, was much closer as was able to report it.  The storm is tornado warned at this time.
Cailyn was with me for this one.  She is old enough now to be a huge help on chase days with everything from
navigation to shooting the video while we are moving.  This was shot southwest of Correll, MN.  Not looking too
good at this point as obviously gusting out.
Once we got back north to highway 12, it had a beautiful shelf cloud and was still tornado warned but wasn't
worth sticking with.
Looking north at the same storm.
New storms were developing to our east and moving north so the idea was to head back towards Benson
Minnesota on highway 12 and that is where things got interesting once we got to Danvers, MN.
Just as we got east of Danvers, we watched a rather large tornado form back in the rain on what appeared to be
nothing more than a heavy rain shower.  The cell off to the east was tornado warned and a known tornado
producer already.  This tornado was moving N/NW in a environment of extreme low level shear.
These are all video frame captures so please excuse the sub par image quality.
We went back to Danvers and headed northeast of town to see if there was any damage.  Just a large tree and
some minor roof damage at one residence on 70th Ave NW.  What I am assuming to be the same area of rotation
spawned this brief small tornado north of 40th St NW.  It was likely north of highway 22 also.  This tornado was also
moved northwest.
We dumped the cell as I felt it was too far removed from the warm front which was slowly lifting north and picked
up the next tornado warned cell to the east near Sunburg, MN.  
View is looking southwest from about 2 miles west of Sunburg.  This tornado was also very weak and lasted 4-5
Once this tornado dissipated, we headed back north again and were able to maintain a good view for quite a while
but eventually a wet RFD wrapped in so I backed off waiting for the cell to cycle again.
Looking southwest from the east side of Lake Johanna near Brooten, MN
The storm started to rapidly become inflow dominant again so we worked out way back west towards the action
area as the precip let up.
We worked our way up 104 and briefly headed west while watching this relatively broad area of rotation with brief
funnels spin down.  Rain cut off our view so back east to country road 29 and north towards Sedan, MN.  Seems to
be a bit of a hotspot as
back in 2012 I saw another weak tornado just a couple of miles to the east.
As we came up to the junction of highway 55 and CR29, the most intense tornado of the day formed just south of
55.  It quickly grew rather large but struggled to maintain it's intensity.  View is looking west from just east of Sedan,
MN on 55.
Pretty quickly it went back to a cone then dissipated north of town.
Law enforcement had 29 blocked a couple miles north of town so we ducked west a mile.  I couldn't go north as
fast as I wanted as we have this funnel almost right overhead.  
As I kept an eye on the white funnel just in front of us, Cailyn spotted this briefly intense tornado form to our east.  
Shooting position is 2 miles south CR22 on 170th Ave southeast of Glenwood, MN.  View is looking E/NE.
A mile and a half east of Villard, MN it tried to tornado one last time.   Shot on 28 looking NW.  We never observed
any ground contact with this feature.  We continued east and north with it over to south of Osakis, MN but it was
clearly done.  After dodging the remains of the cell which produced the Kimball, MN tornado, we made it home
without incident.  A nice day with only minor damage and a lot of action.