May 17
Central Minnesota
This was supposed to be THE severe weather day from the same system which produced
the weird tornado "outbreak" on the 16th in western and central Minnesota.  However,
directional shear was almost non existent on the 17th which lead to junky linear storms
and the lack of a cap let everything go off at once when the convective temp was met.
For the most part everything looked like crap from the get go.  The first cell we watched out east of Paynesville, MN
was so pathetic I never even took a shot of it.  We let that one go really fast then picked up another cell coming up
from the south near Kimball.   This one looked about as bad as the first.  Next please.
At least the third cell had some entertaining scud and a little structure north of Dassel, MN.
A large non-rotating lowering on the cell as it moved N/NE.
We let that cell go as well and were about to head home when we found a couple of blue herons and an egret fishing in
a flooded creek in Wright county near Annandale, MN.  This was more interesting than anything else we saw for the day.
I let myself get suckered into one last storm near French Lake, MN.  Like I really expected something different?
Nothing to see here.  Move along.
Nice viewing spot with nothing to see.
Sigh. At least we weren't hours from home.
End of the day for real this time.