June 7
Central Minnesota
A little instability in a northwest flow set off some marginally
severe hailers.  I expected them to die off at sunset but one
held on long enough for the wife and I to take in a light show
over the lake behind our house in Buffalo, Minnesota.
Looking northwest at the approaching cell and meager shelf cloud.
Tighter view of some scud danglies under the shelf cloud.
Cloud to ground strikes were far and few between.
The last fisherman on the lake makes a run for the access.
The running lights on the boat made for some cool colors on the water.
Last bolt I saw.
As the cell moved off to the east / southeast, I was surprised to see how clean the back of the storm was.
Lightning and stars.  Never gets old.
Looking up.
Last look for the night.  By now the mosquitoes had found us and it was time to head home.  Nice surprise for sure.