June 22
Central Minnesota
A one-two punch from back to back CME's set off a major G4 magnetic storm the
afternoon of the 22nd which still over into the short hours of darkness.  With the longest
days of the year occurring now, the anticipation of waiting for dark was tough.  Didn't even
need to take any test shots from the backyard as when the sunlight faded, the light from
the auroras immediately became visible.  My daughter and I headed out about 10:45pm
and returned home about 1am after hitting some of our favorite spots to watch the
northern lights near our home.
Our first stop was Ida Lake.  This is one of my favorite spots for good aurora shows.  Wish the water would have been
calmer though. 11:05 pm
Cailyn and I taking it in.  The camera definitely was picking up more light than what we saw.  To the naked eye the auroras
appeared as fast, rippling pulses of silver to gray racing overhead. 11:39 pm
Fireflies and northern lights.  Doesn't get much cooler.  For the record the fireflies were brighter green than the auroras.
Looking northeast at the pond in Lind County Park.
Looking northwest from the access on Eagle Lake 11:52pm
Looking straight up at 11:53pm.  Same location as the previous image.
Looking south at 11:55 pm.  Same location.  More fireflies.
Looking north from Eagle Lake at 11:57 pm
Looking northwest over some pond east of Eagle Lake at 12:01 am.  The weird splotch line thingy in the middle left isn't a
satellite.  Its a Vega rocket launched from Kourou, French Guyana carrying a Sentinel 2A satellite.
Same spot as above but with the setting moon in the west at 12:03 am.  Note the rocket is still visible.
A mini sub storm kicked off at about 12:25 am.  Looking north over Buffalo Lake in Buffalo MN a little south of our house.
Looking west over Buffalo Lake at 12:30 am
Looking southwest over Buffalo Lake at 12:31 am
Looking straight up at 11mm at 12:32 am as we called it a night.  Not the most colorful show, but definitely exciting with all
the wild motion.