June 6
North Central Nebraska
Some days.  Yeah.  Some days.   The SPC had to go and upgrade the 20Z outlook to a
10% hatched tornado risk.  The running joke is nothing happens when that upgrade gets
made and history once again repeated itself in Holt county Nebraska this day.  Had the
right forecast, the right target, had the right storm, but...
16:30z Outlook.  Note the 5% tornado risk.  All is well.
Aaaand the kiss of death at 20z
The proof.  Note the lack of anything red in the enhanced area.   Had they
left the 5% alone everything would have worked out .  /sarcasm
Started out near Randolph, NE but moved west to Creighton as it was pretty evident initiation was going to happen
somewhere around O'Niell in Holt county.
Dropped south to Page, NE as the first supercell started to mature.  It would curl on southeast edge periodically but
didn't show any sign of going tornadic.
Hung around for about 15 minutes before heading north and east.  I was really hoping to see some signs this cell would
interact with a warm front type boundary in the area.
A few miles east of Page it started to look a little better.
The rain gauge on a random fence post should have been a sign
this was basically all this storm was going to produce: rain.
A few minutes later a very pronounced RFD cut into the base and produced this feature which had way more rise than
spin to it.  This was the only time the cell actually tried to produce for real. And it wasn't much.
Still limping along.  This was shot west of Grove Lake so north of Royal, NE by 3 miles or so.
Decided to get on the east side of the valley.  Beautiful area.  Looking west at the base of a  different storm.
Just couldn't get it's act together.  Looking north from the corner of 520th ave and 868 Rd
Cell phone pic of the same feature as the previous photo a couple of minutes earlier.  Another scud bomb.
One more scud bomb to the end the day. It was only 6:45pm nit there were a gazillion towers and storms going up to the
south and the writing was on the wall of the convective mess to come.  Dropped south to let all the junk go by them
limped home 5.5 hours in light to moderate rain.  I shot quite a bit of video but honestly there is nothing interesting about
it!  Go figure.