July 5
Central Minnesota
A surface low tracked from western Minnesota across the state during peak
heating with a warm front draped from west central MN off to the southeast  I
have Devyn Drufke with me this day.  Seems like each year Drufke and I chase
together less and less.  Such if the life of a wedding photographer when the
events keep occurring on Saturdays.  Thankfully this one was on a Tuesday.  
Much to our dismay the warm front fired about 3 hours sooner than we thought so had to scramble out towards the hump on Minnesota's western
edge.   I guess CAPE in excess of 5000 j/kg will so that.  One supercell become dominant and started to slide down the warm front to the
southeast.  We missed the Appleton MN tornado by just a few minutes and only got to see the action area die from a distance as we cut south in
front of the cell.  We finally got good position on it southeast of Benson, MN,
You wanted a big sloppy HP beast?  You got it. Devyn and I spent the next 3 hours darting in and out of the notch running east and south.
Drufke taking in the first good looking Minnesota supercell in quite a while.
Chatting with some other chasers.  Sorry I don't remember your names.
I think this intersection is north of Watson MN in Chippewa county.  This storm was a cold outflow machine at this point for the most part.
Looking into the north to our north.  Despite the wicked looking couplet on radar, all the surface winds were north or northeast.
The relatively fast storm motion and direction kept us on our toes as we would let the notch just about overtake us time and time again.  An
11mm shot as we race east as the hail curtain is just a few hundred feet away.
Looking southwest from northwest of Lake Lillian MN at the outflow area of the mess.
Same location as the previous shot but looking a little north of due west. The "notch" of  the cell.  Normally there would be strong easterly to
southeasterly surface winds here but the cold northerly winds persisted.  The veer/back/veer wind profile today pretty effectively killed to
tornado chances.  
South of Lake Lillian now.  The line out is will under way.
End of the day for us.  Devyn and I stopped at a Caseys in Stewart MN where we let the storm overtake us and headed home after it passed.
The big story of the day ended up be a second supercell which quickly transitioned to linear but has about to tap the powerful jet overhead.   
After Nick Elms and Amanda Hill had a pucker moment in Kimball, MN this sucker mowed it's way through northern Wright county in Hennepin
county where Maple Grove MN suffered wide spread high end wind damage.  Winds in area may have well been in excess of 90 mph.