June 12
West Central Minnesota
A crashing cold front with just enough shear
to make me think "what if?".  Started the day
north of Wheaton MN and ended up back not
too far from home.  Structurally there were
moments which made the chase worthwhile.
Was able to watch initiation from near Wendell MN on the way over.  Love the line of site out in far western MN.  During storm season I really miss
living out there.  This was taken just south of Wheaton MN as a cell merger was underway.
During the merger the cell to the southwest kicked out some big winds with a huge rain foot and dirt well to the north which made it all the way up
to the cloud base.
At times the motion on this was simply wicked.  Probably the best rain foot I have ever seen.
After the merger and obvious linear mode, I decided to ditch the line for more isolated storms off to the east ahead of the cold front.
First cell off the line near just east of Donnelly MN.  Lots of scuddy action on this one.
Some chaser reported a funnel on this.  Wasn't me.
The cell lined out as it got caught by the other junk coming from the northwest with the cold front.  But it gave me a personal first.  A shelf cloud
AND a snapping turtle in the same shot with Pomme de Terre River in between. Bet Adam Lucio wishes he had a hail guard like the turtle.
About 2 miles from the turtle looking southwest from about halfway between Kensington and Cyrus,
Just a little further east now south of Farwell looking southwest.
And the view to the north.  Decided to bail on this storm for another out in front of the line.
The last storm of the day near Belgrade in Stearns county ended up being the coolest visually.  A couple of things going on in this shot.   Note
on the left side you can see the shelf / cold front barrelling down from the northwest but this discrete cell ahead of the line has a little
Kelvin-Helmholtz action going on.  Vorticity anyone?
That cell quickly met it's demise with the line also but at this point I was happy just jumping ahead of the monster shelf cloud on my way home.  
Taken just outside of Paynesville looking northwest.
Looking straight west from outside Paynesville.
At Paynesville I decided just to make the run down highway 55 for home.  The line was showing signs of weakening and I didnt want to drive
home in all the rain so called it a day.  A 4 shot pano to call it a wrap.