June 19
West central Minnesota
A day with good instability, a
surface low approaching from the
west and a warm front-ish boundary
extending to the east from west
central into central Minnesota.
Supercell initiating  near Cyrus MN.  Hung back east earlier visiting with Jane O'Neill and Clive Herbert.  Since I don't chase down south very
often anymore it was a nice treat.
South of Cyrus.  I had Melinda with me this day.  Had a few 1" stones falling around us now.
Once the storm got east of highway 55 in Stearns county it had it's moments it looked ok but got shrouded in heavy precip so we dumped it for
the next cell to the south.  There were a couple of tornado warned cells off to the southwest but I liked the moisture pooling closer to the
boundary to the north.
This cell ramped up quickly with the VIL maxing out and had healthy clean inflow as it was northeast of the tornado warned cells off to the
southwest. Taken east of Belgrade MN somewhere.
Finally northwest of Paynesville MN the cell matured and went tornado warned.  The storm never "felt" quite right.  Even the tail cloud feeding
into the action area kept hinting it was going to go outflow dominant soon.
East of Paynesville and south of Roscoe the cell briefly tried to gets its act together  with a lot of motion going on under the action area with
some modest rotation.
Then this happened.  Still not totally sure what to call this.  It wasnt a funnel per se as the rotation wasn't even close to what it should be,  It
was like the action area rapidly decayed to this.  They was definitely an RFD/occludding wind field coming around the back but it just didn't
spin like it should have,  Still a cool feature visually though.  We found some damage at a farm place where part of the roof to a machine
shed was rolled back which would have been south of this with the roof and debris going north.  I have no idea.