June 22
Central Minnesota
I was supposed to be fixing fence at
home and later attending a get together
for a former co-worker who was in town
but sometimes stuff just comes up.
While fencing and watching what I thought to be just a thundershower blow up about 30 miles west of me and drift east unexpectedly went
severe warned for hail.  I grabbed a camera and jumped in the car with just my cell phone for data. As I headed west from my house to north of
Waverly, the "thundershower" went from pretty much a structureless rain shaft to a full blown supercell.   I was sitting about 3 miles southwest of
Waverly when a really nice wall cloud formed with strong inflow and a lot of rising motion with scud tags galore.  I knew someone would end up
reporting a funnel or funnels.  I quickly snapped a photo and tweeted it to NWS MPX pointing out there was ZERO rotation with it.
A few minutes later my phone rang and it was John Wetter saying the NWS was getting public (and possibly law enforcement) reports of funnel
clouds.   I assured John there was no rotation but lots of scud look a likes for funnels.  I let him know I would continue to follow the cell into the
west metro just in case something changed.
I dropped the cell southwest of Maple Plain MN as the storm headed over Lake Minnetonka and into the metro without incident.