June 25
Central Minnesota
Another Saturday, another cold front.  This
day had all the potential to be a big wind event
over central and east central Minnesota.

Mother Nature had a different plan.
Hung around a little east of Long Prairie MN in Todd county waiting for initiation down the cold front.  A big cell went up near Brainerd to my  
north and headed for Lake Mille Lacs.  I noticed on SN  Nick Nolte was on it.  Sent him a tweet asking him what he thought of the big lake.  I
don't think he liked it.   Anyhow,  jumped on a cell about half way between Long Prairie and Little Falls which dropped some quarters on me but
was super high based so it go into the trees and grabbed a new cell which developed southwest of Long Prairie which I believed to be right on
the boundary or maybe even a little ahead of it.  I was worried about the cold front undercutting the cells too quickly and turning everything to a
massive lined out mess right away.  This pic is from about 10 miles east of Long Prairie looking west / southwest.
Big base without much going on underneath of it.
Stayed a head of it east for a while towards Little Falls.  North of 27 and north of Flensburg it started to develop a shelf cloud which was pushing
out to the south/southeast.  I held my position just to make sure the right side didn't try to go rouge in the inflow area.  Few small hail stones
were falling too.  Can just make out a few hail streaks in the image.
Cell phone.  This area showed some good motion on the very back tip of the updraft northwest of Little Falls.  Michael Yoakam evidently noticed
this also as he brought it up a couple of days later.   Anyhow, bailed on the storm and started making the run south as the cold front was almost
right over head now.
The cold front cells looked like crap.  Even though they weren't undercut and running right on the cold front they just never looked organized.  
This was taken right on the north side of Foley MN looking southwest.  I should have let the dash cam run as all the way from this spot south for
about 10 miles on MN25 there was a constant flow of small branches falling off the trees.   I dont think the winds ever got over 50 mph but still
was fun.
I was almost back to Big Lake on US10 when a strong cell just a little ahead of the cold front  went up near Annandale and raced to the easrt/
northeast.  I stopped a little northwest of Monticello MN to see what the winds would do over the potato fields.
The cell actually did go severe once it got over by Elk River MN but I was pretty bored with the whole day and decided to head for home.  Michael
Stanga found some downed trees of  questionable strength.  All kidding aside we really hadn't had much for wind events for some time so there
were a lot of dead and weak trees and limbs for the taking.
While cutting through Buffalo MN on the way to my house, came across the Buffalo PD and FD keeping an eye on an arcing insulator on county
12.  Not sure if it was related to the gusty winds or not with the marginal storms and frontal passage.
Not the best depiction, but amazing how much light this little thing was putting out.  Whatever was causing the arc stopped and the FD left.
The consolation for a weak chase day, a decent sunset at home.