June 3
Central Minnesota
Another day of looking for a needle in a haystack.  
Modest instability with quite a bit of spin in the
atmosphere thanks to another upper low just to the
west.  I chose the wrong storm this day as the
other one did produce a damaging tornado about
20 miles to my north.
Rain and hail shaft to the northwest of my location southwest of Litchfield, MN in Meeker county.
A wider view of the storm.  Definitely not a big supercell day but sometimes up here you don't need it.  After what I learned on the Iowa day
back in May I was hoping the NST index would come though again.  It did.  Just not on the storm I chose.
Structure wise this was about the coolest it looked.  Not bad with a collar around the precip and even a hint of an erosion in progress on the
southwest flank.
Eventually it lined out and started to sink to the southeast.  
Putting the rain down on the corn.
Shelf coming across Belle Lake north of Hutchinson MN
North of Silver Lake MN I though this would be a good cell to try out the lightning trigger on.
It was throwing some CG's just behind the forward flank updraft area.
And in staying consistent ever since I
got that trigger, not a CG.  I swear that
thing is the best lightning deflector ever.