May 28
North Central Iowa
A cold upper low was located over northeastern Nebraska with some weak instability over
northwestern and north central Iowa.  I've had some success over the years with low
CAPE high shear days so I thought I would give it a try.  I have never been much of a
believer in the NST parameter...until this day.  The SPC mesoanalysis page NAILED it as
I missed a tornado to the west on a storm tucked in closer to the low.  So, here is my
version of the participation medal for the day.
First storm of the day near Lakota IA.  Wish I had gotten on this
just a little quicker as it had some wicked rising motion into it.
Followed the first cell for a bit but the VIL started to fall so jump backed east a bit to wait for the next one to come up from the
south.  Somewhere north of Algona and east of Fenton.
Michael Stanga had the best line to describe this shot.   LEEEEROY JEEENNNNKINS!
Cell start to show a little more interesting structure at this point.
Southwest of Titonka it developed a very large non rotating wall cloud with an awesome tail cloud feeding in from the north/northeast.
Just as quickly as it stared to look good, a bunch of mergers with smaller cells created an outflow push and it never recovered as
the shelf structure rapidly took over near Crystal Lake.
After negotiating through Forest City and some large music festival, I was able to find a nice ridge to watch the approaching shelf
which was actually pretty nice.
Time to move.  A previous storm dumped a lot of rain and left the roads very muddy.  
Iowa wins again.  A new cell behind the shelf cell tried to get something going in regards to inflow but was short-lived.  The hunt for
a needle in a haystack continues.